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Prince William and Kate Middleton

Compatibility Match:80.20%

Relationship Summary

William is a Cancerian Water Dog (chilled, family-orientated and happy) and Kate is a Capricorn Metal Rooster (strong, charming and driven). Does it work? Oh yeah! Capricorn and Cancer isn't phenomenal but it’s by no means bad, and in Chinese astrology, the Water Dog and Metal Rooster is blisteringly good! So we love it overall. How is rest of this year going to pan out for the ‘beautiful couple’? A consummate stroll in the park for William but for Kate, stressful as hell – a kind of bodyshock! However, her strength of character and perennial charm will see her through and 2012 (year of the water Dragon) is a truly wonderful year for Kate. So, who’s the boss? The girl, little Miss Kate…by a long, long way. But she’s not a dictator, just together and organised which is exactly what the young heir to the throne needs…because he isn’t!

Prince is a Cancer Water Dog (Born 21/06/1982)

Prince William

Prince William probably spends each and every day in the mirror going "don't be sensitive, don't overeact, they don't mean anything by it". It's a waste of time, of course. The thing is Cancerian water Dog boys are so crushingly sensitive - they know it and it irritates the hell out of them. They are such beautiful characters, there is not an ounce, not a smidgen, not a "speck of dust"-sized amount of malice in these boys. They give, give, give and expect virtually nothing in return. They're happy (unusual for Cancerian boys), easy-going, gentle, mummy's boys - oh yeah, the relationship between a Cancerian Water Dog boy and their mother is more important - THAN ANYTHING. They love their mum, and if that relationship is fractured, these boys can go miles off the rails - it's that important. They're also just a little bit of a playboy, they just want to have fun at whatever cost - and they do. However, the home and family means everthing to Prince William, he won't stray too far and, if he does, he'll take his soulmate with him. William is truly adorable, but don't criticise or undermine him, it's a giant-sized dagger straight through his heart.

Kate is a Capricorn Metal Rooster (Born 09/01/1982)

Kate Middleton

Have you just been felled by a charming left hook? It doubtless belonged to Kate's Capricorn Metal Rooster. You'd have been "felled" if you stood in the way of her imperious and relentless rise to the top. Kate is no pussycat, she's a Tigerrrrrr. Capricorn Metal Roosters are very charming but it's a 'don't mess with me' kinda charm. You haven't met ambition head-on until you've met these girls. It courses through their system like blood swirls around ours. You won't necessarily find Kate living in a little cottage in Amberley with six dogs, a dozen kids and a kindly soulmate. Nah, more likely you'll spot her cruising round Manhattan in her hard-earned soft-top on her way to work in one of the top legal-eagle institutions. Her work ethic is super-human, abnormal really, she loves work, she loves what it means... money and achievement. Many so-called powerful men will have been side-swiped into oblivion by these super-industrious mega-stars. It's the inner belief that really sets these girls apart. They ain't 'hard' per se but they aren't emotional, sensitive, reckless or needy either... they're grounded, level-headed, powerful, secure cookies who know exactly where they're heading. Kate is a relentless, awesome Uber-kid. She's a success story just waiting to impact. If you like your Princess's tough, sexy and savvy - Kate is your girl.

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