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Stephen Dorff

Way tooooo laid back for his own good. "What's the rush", is how Stephen probably commences most days. He'd better hope he has a natural talent for something or else he may struggle a little. (he got lucky!) The Ox is ambitious, as is the Leo, but the energy levels here are not exactly spectacular, in fact they're often abysmal. However, let that not detract from the fact that he's an awfully lovely man, a chilled charmer, no less. In all honesty, he needs a rocket placed strategically about his person. Here is a man who could stay in bed for 48 hours, chow his way through every takeaway in town, down the lot with a couple of litres of cider and not really feel a tinge of guilt. Some of us are blessed with so much drive and ambition we're actually unable to sleep, others such as Leo Water Ox are blessed with virtually none. However, he's such a charmer he normally falls on his feet - and the dexterous Ox can normally turn its mitts to anything. He needs guidance and a good degree of nudging. He's honest, true, genuine, loyal, helpful, happy - and will get along with anyone. Whether that's good enough to attain his aspirational goals is another matter. He's lovely.


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