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George Clooney

Georgie boy is the absolute epitome, the personification of strength and charm. Taurus Metal Ox sounds all rather stodgy - it's anything but. They're upbeat, positive, funny - and so disarmingly self-assured you kinda want to be them. This self-assurance creates a character who relies on no one, loves their own time and space and isn't overly committed to a life of domesticity - they could do it easily and they eventually succumb. Their work ethic is legendary (they seem to have a nuclear turbine secreted about their person). They just keep going - at their pace mind you, no real rush. Don't bother telling them what to do, though - waste of time. They are their own men, always will be. They are so damned impressive. They are so damned perfect on every conceivable level. Does that make them perfect? Not even close. Their level of self-interest, of self-preservation is outta world. Their mindset is singularly geared towards self-orientation, it kinda makes them the 50/50 kids - one part charismatic charmer, one part "me, me me". Don't be hoodwinked by George Clooney though, because beneath that starry charm lies a pretty merciless, ruthless, determined soul who will stop at literally nothing to achieve his goals. If, for example, you decided to block their path to uber-stardom, you would be dismantled bone by bone, placed in a little wicker basket and flung to a faraway land. Just so you know. Imperious.


Stacy Keibler
64.0% Stacy Keibler Libra Earth Goat

George (Taurus Metal Ox) and Stacy (Libran Earth Goat).... I think we all know where George is coming from - Stacy is... read more

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