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Lewis Hamilton

The boy that appears to be so very together but isn't really. He'll come across as confident, cocky even... facade. This boy is a worrier of the highest order - every "confident" decision he takes he then worries about. It is a bit of a mad existence but they just kinda get used to it. And they have honed that skill of "concealment" down to a fine art. OK, that inherently worrisome demeanour aside these boys are fabulous. They're incredibly charming in a kind of understated way, a little sensitive and pretty damned savvy. The Capricorn/Rat combo is a shrewd one, they love to make a quick buck and know how to go about it, too. They'd make great business managers, they'd also make great musicians, there's an abundant creative resource inherent in these happy souls. Just 'cos you worry about everything doesn't mean you can't be happy. One thing these boys do love is money, both Capricorns and Rats adore money, they relish it, covet it daily and will do pretty much anything in order to garner the stuff. Ordinarily they'll work for it (they have a great work ethic) but don't underestimate these savvy shrewdies - if they need to be mildly underhand, it ain't an issue. Morals drift off into the ether where these boys and money are concerned. Adorable - but a wise ol' cookie to boot.


Nicole Scherzinger
7.8% Nicole Scherzinger Cancer Earth Horse

On/off/on/off...shall we, shall we not. Well 7.8% compatible, hollers, screams, yells...NOT! They actually got it spot o... read more

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