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Prince William

Prince William probably spends each and every day in the mirror going "don't be sensitive, don't overeact, they don't mean anything by it". It's a waste of time, of course. The thing is Cancerian water Dog boys are so crushingly sensitive - they know it and it irritates the hell out of them. They are such beautiful characters, there is not an ounce, not a smidgen, not a "speck of dust"-sized amount of malice in these boys. They give, give, give and expect virtually nothing in return. They're happy (unusual for Cancerian boys), easy-going, gentle, mummy's boys - oh yeah, the relationship between a Cancerian Water Dog boy and their mother is more important - THAN ANYTHING. They love their mum, and if that relationship is fractured, these boys can go miles off the rails - it's that important. They're also just a little bit of a playboy, they just want to have fun at whatever cost - and they do. However, the home and family means everthing to Prince William, he won't stray too far and, if he does, he'll take his soulmate with him. William is truly adorable, but don't criticise or undermine him, it's a giant-sized dagger straight through his heart.


Kate Middleton
80.2% Kate Middleton Capricorn Metal Rooster

William is a Cancerian Water Dog (chilled, family-orientated and happy) and Kate is a Capricorn Metal Rooster (strong, c... read more

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