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Welcome to the 'NEW', World's Most Accurate Compatibility Site

To see your profile and discover your compatibility with someone else, join now. Membership is absolutely free! You can test drive the site by simply entering your gender & date of birth on the left below, and then start to type the name of a celebrity in the box provided on the right and choose them from the list that appears. www.somebodytolove.com enables EVERYONE to understand EVERYONE.
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Paul Watson

Paul Watson

Paul Watson was tutored in his teens by his astrologer Father and knew there and then that this was his calling. He went on to create the Somebody to Love compatibility system and has spent the last 25 years cultivating and perfecting it. This is the world's most accurate compatibility system with 1,440 different characters producing over 2 million possible compatibility results.

Celebrity of the Day

George ClooneyTaurus Metal Ox

Georgie boy is the absolute epitome, the personification of strength and charm. Taurus Metal Ox sounds all rather stodgy - it's anything but. They're upbeat, positive, funny - and so disarmingly self-...

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Featured Celebrity Match

Compatibility Score: 80.20%

William is a Cancerian Water Dog (chilled, family-orientated and happy) and Kate is a Capricorn Metal Rooster (strong, charming and driven). Does it work? Oh yeah! Capricorn and Cancer isn't phenomena...

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What do our members say?

Loving the new site Mr Watson. You're very very very good. - Clare

What a brilliant site! Have been doing the test with my friends, kids and anybody else fascinating who comes along every now and then. Really interesting and fun for this Aquarian Metal Pig :)!

Absolutely brilliant..and so accurate! :) - Mitchell

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